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Eagles News: DeMarco Murray is a top five running back in Madden NFL 16

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 7/22/2015.

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Let's get to the links...

10 reasons the Eagles will be a dumpster fire this season - PhillyVoice
Over the weekend I did some research on Sam Bradford, and it turns out that he tore his ACL. Twice!  After doing some more digging, I learned via several credible sources close to the team that Chip Kelly knew about Bradford's injury history when he traded his existing starting QB, a second round pick and other stuff for Bradford, while taking on his $13 million salary. Wait... What? Chip knew about this?!?

Top 5 Running Backs in Madden NFL 16 - Madden-School
Demarco Murray – 94 Overall: The newly-minted Philadelphia Eagle brings 96 Trucking and 97 Stiff Arm to the City of Brotherly Love. He’s hard to tackle with 97 JKM/95 ELUS/94 SPM, and hard to catch with 89 SPD/91 ACC/98 AGI.

Here is why Sam Bradford is the Eagles' best option at quarterback -
Last season the Eagles' quarterbacks threw 21 interceptions, the most of any team in the NFL. That obviously turned out to be a huge problem, as sloppy play and turnovers kept them out of the playoffs after starting 9-3. Enter Bradford, who has thrown an interception on just 2.2% of his career passes, less than half of the 4.5% of passes in Sanchez's career that have been intercepted. In an ideal world, Bradford is able to sit back in the pocket with time to throw and pick apart opposing defenses. Last season, when Sanchez had time, it still resulted in some poor decisions. With Bradford, that shouldn't be the case.

#EaglesCamp Preview: Quarterback -
Bradford is in the perfect situation for a career revival. Kelly and Shurmur brought the best out of Foles and Mark Sanchez. The Eagles have a plethora of talented weapons for Bradford to distribute the ball to. Here's a stat for you. Danny Amendola had 689 yards receiving for the Rams in 2010. That's the highest total of ANY Rams player since Bradford was drafted. Three Eagles (Jeremy Maclin, Jordan Matthews and Zach Ertz) surpassed that total last season alone.

Without long-term deal, Bradford is a gamble for the Eagles - Daily News
To trade Nick Foles and a second-rounder for Bradford, coming off of another injury, is bold/risky enough. Running the risk that Bradford has a good and healthy season and then walks when it is over just ratchets up the peril. But that's where the Eagles will be if Rapoport's report is true. You can look at it and say that this is an ideal situation for the Eagles because it will assure that Bradford gives you everything he has. By that argument, a person, any person, will push that much harder when a financial windfall is in the balance - and that is true, to a degree. But to carry that argument too far is to demean Bradford's professionalism. And if the Eagles had any doubts about that professionalism, they shouldn't have traded for Bradford in the first place.

Eagles Wake Up Call: Lurie And the Changing Power Structure - Birds 24/7
The Boston Globe wrote an interesting story exploring why Pete Carroll’s stint as the Patriots head coach fell short of expectations. Bogged down by some burdensome contracts left over from the Bill Parcells era, Patriots owner Robert Kraft was reluctant to give Carroll the type of creative control that he was looking for. The power was instead given to vice president of player personnel Bobby Grier. "It could have been all of the right decisions for another coach; it wasn’t for me," said Carroll. "It didn’t work with the stuff that I needed to do. That’s where it became so clear, with how I needed to do it next time, if I would ever get a chance again."

Eagles Better or Worse 2015: Wide Receiver - The 700 Level
Huff’s story, on the other hand, is vastly different. The Oregon product was responsible for almost as many miscues as he had receptions his rookie year—eight. There were some glimpses of explosive potential, such as the franchise-record 106-yard kick return, and a 44-yard catch-and-run in Week 15 against the Dallas Cowboys where he ran over and by several defenders. Of course, there were dropped passes, fumbles and other negative plays, too, and those tended to stick out. To be fair, Huff suffered an injury in training camp and saw very limited action once he joined the regular season already in progress. His body of work is difficult to judge, because every incident is magnified. As 23-year-old’s opportunities increase, as one would assume they will, so should his numbers as well.

State of the NFL shows why Eagles leaving Lehigh was an inevitability - Morning Call
As the Lehigh Valley heads into its third straight summer without the Eagles holding training camp here, all signs continue to point to the fact that they would have eventually been out of here anyway, with or without Chip Kelly calling the shots. That's just the way the NFL is nowadays. Since the beginning of this most confusing millennium, the league has gone from 27 teams going away for training camp to just 12, with the Eagles being among those to decide staying home was best.

Sorry, rook, you're not that good. Not in Madden, anyway. | Polygon
No one likes to be told they're overrated. They like it even less when they're tricked into saying it themselves. EA Sports once again rustled up a bunch of NFL rookies and asked them what they reckon their Madden NFL 16 rating should be. Then they sprung the trap, revealing the actual score.

The NFL brought in enough money last year to pay for 10 Pluto missions - SB Nation
The NFL split a massive $7.24 billion in revenue with all 32 teams last season. Each team received $226.4 million as part of the split, most of which comes from the various television deals. The numbers come from the Green Bay Packers' annual financial report, via the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Pre-order the Eagles Almanac 2015! - BGN
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