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Philadelphia Eagles Most Bizarre Tweeter Award For 2015 Goes To Fletcher Cox

Let's get weird.

Elsa/Getty Images

It's that time of year, folks. We've reached that point of the NFL offseason where there's just not much going on. So while we wait for Eagles training camp to start, I figured it's time to bring back one of my favorite annual posts: The Eagles Most Bizarre Tweeter Award!

It all started in 2012 when Eldra Buckley was the first one to take home the grand prize. 2013's winner was former Eagles defensive end Clifton Geathers. In 2014, rookie nose tackle Beau Allen earned the honor. Who will be victorious this year?

The answer to that question is a player I strongly considered for last year's award. For the third year in a row, an Eagles defensive lineman will take home the prize. This year the winner is ... Fletcher Cox!

Cox is too often underrated or overlooked. He was named as a sixth alternate to the Pro Bowl. He didn't appear on the NFL's Top 100 list, which is even voted on by players. Just like his real game, Cox's Twitter game can be snubbed. I'm here today to fix that. I've long been a fan of his tweets.

There's no where else to start but with Cox's No.1 rule:

Cox regularly greets the Twitter world in his own special way:


Oh yeah, there was that time a porn star tweeted at him:

Sometimes Cox gets hacked by Nick Foles:

He shares some deep thoughts:

Quite possibly his most amazing tweet:

He almost deleted his account once! Thankfully, he didn't go through with it.

We all know this feeling.

All of this is only a small sample. Now go follow him if you haven't already. You won't regret it.

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