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Brett Favre told a hilarious story about Andy Reid

This is too good.

Brett Favre was inducted into the Green Bay Packers' Hall of Fame on Saturday evening. That's not something non-Packers fans should really care about, but there were a few Eagles tie-ins during the event.

The first moment involves Favre telling a funny story about former Philadelphia coach Andy Reid. It was Reid's work as a quarterback coach with the Packers that earned him the head coaching job with the Eagles.

"So Andy, he gets his cord caught, and he looks back, and it's this heavyset guy who's standing on his cord. And Andy says to him 'Hey! Get off the cord you fat ass!' ... This was one of our guys now. He looks to Andy and says 'Who are you calling a fat ass?!'"

Of course, Reid is with the Chiefs now but that was just too good not to share.


Another former Eagles connection brought up in Favre's speech was the late, great Reggie White. Favre called White "the greatest player I ever played with." Favre also offered this great quote:

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