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Eagles News: Cowboys writer thinks Chip Kelly is on the hot seat

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 7/19/2015.

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Let's get to the links...

Eagles rookie NFL player comparisons: JaCorey Shepherd edition - PhillyVoice
The most obvious takeaway from Shepherd's tape is how many footballs he gets his hands on. In fact, Shepherd had more pass breakups over the last two years than any other cornerback that was selected in the 2015 NFL Draft. And it's not as if Shepherd is only getting a ton of PBUs because he was targeted so frequently. According to PFF, Shepherd also had the lowest percentage of targets completed against him among all drafted CBs in the 2015 draft, at just 38.6%.

NFC East Q&A: Who is on the hottest seat in the division? - ESPN
After being on the hot seat every year since he took over, I think it’s fair to say it’s not Jason Garrett. (And I do think we all overstated how hot his seat actually was.) It’s easy to say Tom Coughlin or Jerry Reese with the Giants, too. But I’m going with Chip Kelly. The Eagles' moves this offseason have been all about Kelly. The trade of LeSean McCoy was at first called a salary-cap move, but then the Eagles put big money into DeMarco Murray and solid money into Ryan Mathews. I’m not ready to say Kiko Alonso will be a star the way McCoy is a star. The trade for Sam Bradford is a huge risk considering the quarterback’s injury history. They have taken an interesting route with their receivers. If this doesn’t work out for the Eagles, then Kelly will have nobody to blame but himself.

Eagles Wake-Up Call: ‘We’re Looking For Non-Impostors’ - Birds 24/7
In Year 3, we have a pretty good idea of what the defense is going to look like from a schematic standpoint. The Eagles run a two-gap 3-4 that focuses on stopping the run first and foremost. Billy Davis and the players did a good job last year of generating pressure, and the plan in the secondary will be to play mostly with a single high safety and disrupt routes/timing within the 5-yard window.

The Philosophy and Evolution of the Eagles Run Game Part 12- The Outside Zone - ChipWagon
There are a bunch of major and minor variations that teams may run the outside zone based on different steps, blocking angles, aiming points, formations, with/without a FB, etc. In this post, I want to highlight how the Eagles run outside zone but also to focus a little bit on how Chip evolves from the outside zone package and adds some passing game wrinkles. Depending on the team, coach and philosophy some teams will run outside zone as their base play. They will run it over and over and then once the defense starts to overreact, they'll pop in an inside zone run. Chip Kelly is kind of the opposite. He loves to run inside zone over and over again and once teams adjust, he'll pop an outside zone play or a sweep play (which we will cover later in the series). Arguably, over the last couple of years the outside zone has been probably the weakest play in the Eagles run game vs. inside zone and sweep. However, the power play is also something they haven't been to master yet either.  Some of that comes down to practice reps/habits as well as personnel.

Good News for August - Iggles Blitz
The Eagles have used a variety of analysts in recent years. The problem is that preseason football isn’t real football. X’s and O’s take a backseat to individual player evaluation. Brian Baldinger is a smart analyst and solid broadcaster, but he seemed lost when discussing some of the bottom of the roster types that were fighting for a job, either on the roster or practice squad. Mayock should be more natural at this because of his draft analysis. He is used to studying individuals and talking about how they fit in or don’t fit in. He previously did Vikings games in the preseason and I usually enjoyed listening to him.

Training Camp: 5 Questions To Ponder -
We know that Jason Peters is the left tackle and Jason Kelce is a standout at center and that Lane Johnson has right tackle locked down. The guards? They are certainly positions to watch. The Eagles are changing personnel at both spots and are counting on Allen Barbre to play well at left guard. He's in the starter's gate heading into camp there. Right tackle? We'll see if Matt Tobin or Andrew Gardner or Kevin Graf or newly signed John Moffitt, who has more experience on the left side, can fill the bill and upgrade the position from the 2014 season. The game of football is pretty simple to figure out, when you understand how it works: You can have all of the star power in the world at the skill positions, but what really makes an offense go is the play at the line of scrimmage. The Eagles want to be better up front than they were last year. For that to happen, some players with limited NFL experience are going to have to step up and shine.

Emmitt Smith 'couldn't imagine' joining Eagles like DeMarco Murray - CSN Philly
"No," Smith said. "I couldn't imagine being in that position at all. I like to think that Philadelphia, although as much as they hate the Dallas Cowboys, love to get quality football players on their football team, and DeMarco Murray happened to be one of those guys." The NFL's all-time leading rusher was also asked what this does for the Eagles moving forward and whether they should be considered the favorites to win the NFC East heading into this season.

Terrell Owens: I didn’t play the game to get into Hall of Fame - PFT
“I understand what I’ve done on the field and it’s probably well deserving of that, but I’m being honest, it really doesn’t bother me whether I get in or not,” Owens said on the Rich Eisen Show. “I know a lot of people have had that conversation and said ‘Dude, stop saying that.’ I guess from a standpoint of a legacy or what my kids can really see what I’ve done, the body of work and appreciate it, then yeah, and my family. But me, personally, it really doesn’t do anything for me because I never played the game for that. I played it because I was competitive. I played it to the point that I realized my talent and I became pretty good at it. That was my motivation. I wanted to win at all costs.”

Sarah Martinez-Helfman to step down from Eagles charity - Daily News
SARAH Martinez-Helfman, the longtime executive director of the Eagles Youth Partnership, will step down from her post to take over as president of the Samuel S. Fels Fund, the Eagles announced yesterday. Martinez-Helfman has been in charge of the Eagles charity since its inception in 1995. Among its programs for children in the Philadelphia area are the Eye Mobile, Book Mobile and annual playground building.

Tom Brady could beat the NFL in federal court - SB Nation
The NFLPA has already put together a case on Tom Brady's behalf if that the NFL doesn't throw out his suspension.

Pre-order the Eagles Almanac 2015! - BGN
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