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Philadelphia Eagles Schedule 2015: Breaking down the fourth quarter

Can the Eagles finish the season on a high note?

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Philadelphia Eagles training camp begins in a little over two weeks. With nothing else better to do, let's look ahead to the upcoming season. I'm going to spend the next couple of days breaking down the team's 2015 schedule into four quarters. As a reminder, here's the entire 2015 Eagles schedule. We reviewed Philadelphia's first four games on Tuesday, the second quarter on Wednesday, and the third quarter on Thursday. Now let's look at the final four.

14) Buffalo Bills (Dec. 13, 1:00 PM)

This match kicks off the first of three home games in a row in December. Not too shabby. Having home field advantage down the stretch could really pay off.

Now for the matchup itself. Welcome back, LeSean McCoy. The Eagles' franchise leading rusher will return to Philadelphia and it'll be interesting to see what the fan reception is like. McCoy hasn't exactly endeared himself to the Eagles fan base since leaving. He basically accused Chip Kelly of being racist and then denied the chance to explain himself. Some would identify McCoy's behavior as "salty. On the field, McCoy will have a tough time going against the Eagles' front seven.

Elsewhere, the Bills had a very impressive defense last season and now Rex Ryan will be at the helm. That's all well and good, but the fact that the Bills really don't have a starting quarterback is a major issue. The lack of a threatening passing attack could allow teams to cheat on the run. I think the Eagles take this one.

15) Arizona Cardinals (Dec. 20, 1:00 PM)

Chip Kelly versus Bruce Arians, Round 3. Eagles-Cardinals games have been pretty entertaining the past two seasons. It's almost like Arizona is back in the NFC East again.

I'm really interested to see how Arians will fare now that former defensive coordinator Todd Bowles has been hired by the Jets. There's no question that defense has been the Cardinals' strength the past two seasons. They ranked 7th in defensive DVOA last year and 2nd in 2013. The offense, on the other hand, ranked 23rd last year and 20th in Arians' first year with Arizona.

As the head coach, Arians obviously deserves some credit for the success the Cardinals have had. But now he'll really be tested. I'll take Kelly's offenses over the ones he's been responsible for. Even if they're from college.

16) Washington Redskins (Dec. 26, 8:25 PM)

A Saturday evening game late in the season against Washington. What can go wrong? Oh, yeah, right...

For the Eagles' sake, at least the game will be in Philadelphia this time around. If Washington ends up struggling again this season, they could be looking to play spoiler to the Eagles once again. I'm sure DeSean Jackson will be extra motivated to have a big performance against his old team in his old stadium.

17) at New York Giants (Jan. 3, 1:00 PM)

For the second season in a row, the Eagles will end their regular season campaign against the G-Men in New York New Jersey.

Last year's game was a meaningless dud. Maybe this one will have some meaning when it comes to the playoff picture. If the Giants continue the trend of being the most injured team in the NFL while the Eagles continue to be the healthiest, Philadelphia could have an advantage.

Is a 4-0 record possible?

Having those three games at home is big. I don't know about 4-0, but three wins is certainly in play here. Based off previous projections in this series, the Eagles should finish the season about 11-5. That's what I had them going earlier this offseason. Depending on how they fare in their NFC East games, the Eagles should be in the position for a playoff berth.

What say you about this last stretch of games? What will the Eagles' final record be?

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