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Which Eagles player is the 'Face of the Franchise'?

Who is it?

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The face of the Philadelphia Eagles' franchise is none other than head coach Chip Kelly. Not only is he the most prolific member of the organization, but he's also one of the most influential figures in the entire NFL. As Kelly goes, so do the Eagles.

For the sake of discussion, let's forget about Kelly for a second and focus on Philadelphia's roster. Which Eagles player best represents the entire team? Who is the Eagles' "Face of the Franchise"?

Last year, this was an easier question to answer. LeSean McCoy was coming off the 2013 season where he led the NFL in rushing. Nick Foles looked like a potential quarterback of the future. Now both of those players are gone.

So who is left that fits the bill? Below is a list of Eagles that could fit the mold of a "franchise" player.

• CONNOR BARWIN: Barwin is heading into his third season with the Eagles. He's coming off a Pro Bowl year. The team decided to give him a raise because they love him so much. While he's been a good player on the field, he's also made a big impact off it. For example, Barwin raised over $300,000 towards a park revitalization this offseason. Barwin seems like the perfect blend of talent and culture. He's easily a fan favorite. He represents the Eagles well.

• JASON PETERS: There arguably isn't a player on the Eagles roster that teammates respect more than Peters. His nickname is literally "Franchise." The veteran is not only talented but he works hard and sets a great example. He's not a rah-rah guy by any means so he leads quietly by example. Peters is a future Hall of Fame talent.

• BRENT CELEK: The veteran tight end has declined as a receiver but is still one of the better blocking tight ends in the league. While he may not be flashy enough to be "face of the franchise material," Kelly said Celek is "what a Philadelphia Eagle looks like" last season.

• DEMECO RYANS: Mufasa. Like Celek, Ryans is on the decline. It remains to be seen what kind of role he'll have this season and moving forward. He deserves a mention, however, due to the fact he's been the heart and soul of the defense from a leadership perspective. Defensive players really look up to him, which is a big reason why the team brought him back.

• FLETCHER COX: Only 24 and already one of the most dominant players in the NFL at his position. Cox is a beast. A two-gap 3-4 defensive end is far from a sexy choice to represent the franchise, but Cox is a special player.

• TIM TEBOW: Just kidding.

• SAM BRADFORD: Bradford's new to the team so it's hard to say he belongs in the conversation right now. If he plays well and establishes himself, however, he has a real opportunity to be the guy given the importance of the quarterback position.

• DEMARCO MURRAY: Like Bradford, Murray is new to the team so he doesn't get a lot of consideration. It's hard to see Murray repeating the kind of success he had in Dallas last season but if he thrives in the Eagles' run-heavy offense, he could be a really important part of this team moving forward.

• JORDAN MATTHEWS: Only one year with the team, so experience works against him. His rookie season was promising and he's a perfect representation of the kind of player Kelly wants to fit his culture.

• JON DORENBOS: No one is going to say the long snapper belongs as the face of the franchise, but Dorenbos gets an honorable mention here since he's the longest tenured Eagles player on the team.

• HONORABLE MENTION: Other names to consider include Jason Kelce, Bennie Logan, Malcolm Jenkins, Lane Johnson, Byron Maxwell, and Zach Ertz.

Who do you think is the "Face of the Franchise" for the Eagles?

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