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Eagles center Jason Kelce has a beautiful signing voice

Who knew he was so talented?

via @ConnorBarwin98

Jason Kelce still has many good years with the Philadelphia Eagles ahead of him, but the 27-year-old center may have already found a calling for when he decides to retire one day. Kelce recently made a radio appearance on 88.5 WXPN to talk football and sing a few songs. Yeah, that's right, he actually sang live on the radio. While playing the acoustic guitar. And he sounded pretty good!

One of the songs Kelce performed was one he wrote himself. Eagles outside linebacker Connor Barwin was in studio with Kelce and streamed the performance on Periscope.

"Cover Me Up" by Jason Isbell is the cover song Kelce performed. Listen below:

For a limited time, you can watch video of both performances below via Barwin's Periscope recordings. Those recordings will expire tonight however, which is why we saved the audio above.


Here's a full clip of Kelce's appearance:

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