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Donovan McNabb's DUI arrest caught on camera

The news of Donovan McNabb's second DUI arrest first broke last week, but now there is video of the encounter thanks to TMZ. McNabb denies he had anything to drink in the recording, then explains he's been sick and using cough medicine. McNabb cites "chlorophyll" ... which isn't a cough medicine ... as one of the treatments he's using

The former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback never gets hostile or desperate with the police. Here's video of McNabb getting handcuffed without any kind of resistance.

McNabb's second DUI arrest led him to being suspended indefinitely by Fox Sports. The former NFL quarterback originally joined Fox Sports as a sports analyst back in 2013. That's the same year he officially retired with the Eagles and had his No. 5 jersey retired by Philadelphia.

It remains to be seen what kind of legal punishment McNabb will have to serve due to his recent arrest. 90 days in jail is the minimum sentence for a second-offense DUI in Arizona.

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