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Eagles players are living together and working out with Mark Sanchez leading the way


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While most of the NFL is currently on vacation with over three weeks until training camps open, a group of Philadelphia Eagles players are working hard out west. Tim McManus of Birds 24/7 reports that Mark Sanchez, Darren Sproles, and Zach Ertz are among 11 Eagles teammates holding their own makeshift minicamp in San Diego, California.

McManus also reports that all the players are staying in a big house together and they travel together in a big white van which renowned trainer Todd Durkin has dubbed the "Eaglemobile." Along with Sanchez, Sproles, and Ertz, other names include: Jordan Matthews, Matt Barkley, G.J. Kinne, Ryan Mathews, Quron Pratt, Rasheed Bailey, Seyi Ajirotutu, and Andrew Gleichert.

Sanchez appears to be the leader of the group. So how does this impact the so-called "quarterback battle" that Chip Kelly insists is a real thing and totally not made up? Well, I don't think it does. This camp differs from the days of "Jets West" when Sanchez would invite his New York teammates out to California. McManus reports that this minicamp was more of a collaborative effort since it features some players who were planning on working out in California anyway, such as Sproles and Ertz.

It should also be pointed out that Sam Bradford is basically bound to Philadelphia as he continues to rehab from his ACL injury. Otherwise, maybe he would be working out with the group out west as well, who knows. Bradford apparently worked out with some Eagles receivers earlier this offseason. The quarterback expects to be ready for training camp despite being a limited participant in spring practices.

Sanchez may have had the benefit of taking the majority of first team repetitions during spring practices, but the Eagles did not acquire Bradford to be a backup. The team traded a second round pick (along with Nick Foles) for Bradford and his ~$13 million salary this season. The only way Bradford won't be starting this season is if he's physically unable to do so. It's "possible" that Bradford has a really bad summer while Sanchez looks really, really good but that doesn't seem like a favorable outcome at this time.

But back to the workouts. This is why Kelly puts a big emphasis on players who genuinely love football and want to work hard to get better. Last year, Malcolm Jenkins said the Eagles work harder than any other team in the NFL. That just might be the case.

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