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Eagles News: Philadelphia's defense might be better than you think

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 6/30/2015.

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Let's get to the links...

There's an argument to be made that the Eagles' defense was better than their offense in 2014 - PhillyVoice
Defensively, again according to Football Outsiders, the Eagles allowed 1.85 points per drive, which was 15th in the NFL. They allowed the seventh fewest yards per drive.

Fun Exercise - Iggles Blitz
This is the time of year when the mind drifts a bit. You can only imagine Walter Thurmond playing Safety or Allen Barbre at LG for so long. Your mind is going to wander. Mine did that this weekend and it led me to this week’s column…which former Eagle would you add to the current roster if you could? I listed the candidates and made the case for/against each of them. There were some usual suspects (Dawk, Reggie, etc.) but I also mixed in some less well-known names. The player who really got me intrigued was Bob Brown, the former OL who played 5 years for the Eagles before moving on to the Rams and Raiders. Ray Didinger wrote a terrific piece on him.  Check out these quotes.

How Does John Moffitt Fit In? - Birds 24/7
Really, a wide range of outcomes is in play. Moffitt has a chance to a starting job. The Eagles seem pretty comfortable with Allen Barbre at left guard, but the right guard spot is wide open. It's possible that Moffitt could outplay guys like Matt Tobin, Andrew Gardner and Dennis Kelly to steal that spot. There are a lot of variables with Moffitt - what kind of shape he's in, how he's dealing with addiction, where he's at mentally - but from an on-field resume standpoint, he'd seem like a good bet to at least earn a backup job and provide some much needed depth.

The Big Question: What's Up At ILB? -
I like the way the Eagles addressed what was clearly a position that became decimated last season. They were aggressive in their upgrades, and they make sure DeMeco Ryans had his one-year addition on the contract to boot. That helps in the locker room. On the field, the inside linebacker group is suddenly one of strength. There are enough snaps to go around, no matter who starts. I know people will get hung up on the idea of the starters, but I don't think the players care. If Alonso is as good and healthy as the Eagles think, he's going to play a ton. Kendricks is at his best playing downhill, so I could see him rotating between the inside and on the edge in certain pass-rushing situations. Ryans is the leader, and the brains of the operation. But we don't yet know how healthy he is. The preseason games will tell a lot.

Love Is a Playing Field: Cuddling Up With Julie Johnston and Zach Ertz at the Women’s World Cup - Grantland
Johnston, 23, and Ertz, 24, met when they were both in college — she was at Santa Clara University, he was at Stanford — hanging out in the stands at a Cardinal baseball game. They saw each other in between workouts and exams, after games and before road trips. And for both of them, the years since have been a whirlwind of achievement, of advancement, of finding a foothold in (and on) their respective fields.

Why Giants' Steve Weatherford is the real 'knucklehead': He said what he said about Eagles -
Weatherford didn't say he'd rather have Eli Manning than Tebow under center. He said he didn't want Tebow taking snaps for his team. Those are two entirely different things. Calling Bradford a broken-down Ferrari is a good thing? Okay. But seconds later, Weatherford's response to a rumor the Eagles would hand Bradford an extension was this: "Good luck with that. ... Chip Kelly will get himself in serious trouble if they work out an extension for that guy and he ends up getting hurt? He's done."  If that doesn't sound like criticism, we "knucklehead journalists" don't know what is.

The 5 best NFL offenses going into the preseason - Sports on Earth
Because the Eagles missed the playoffs and spent their offseason making a series of headline-grabbing moves, it's easy to forget that they averaged 29.6 points per game in 2014, the third-most in the league. The reviews of the Chip Kelly era may vary from "wildly imaginative" to "abhorrent," but few question his ability as a play caller.

Adrian Peterson is the NFL's best running back, according to Adrian Peterson - SB Nation
Adrian Peterson isn't upset with being named the 62nd best player in the NFL.

Pre-order the Eagles Almanac 2015! - BGN
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