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NFL best selling jerseys include Eagles' Tim Tebow and DeMarco Murray


Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The official NFL Shop released their list of top selling jerseys for the month of May, and as it turns out there are two Philadelphia Eagles players on the list. Take a look:

Yep, that's Tim Tebow at No. 15. The Eagles' fourth string quarterback has been out of the league for two years and might not even make the roster, but his jerseys are already selling like hotcakes. The cult of Tebow will never cease to amaze.

Coming in at No. 11 is running back DeMarco Murray, which makes sense since he led the NFL in rushing last year and was a big name addition by Philadelphia this offseason.

All the way at No. 1 is former Eagles Tennessee Titans rookie quarterback Marcus Mariota. The dream has long been dead.

Shockingly, Sam Bradford did not make the cut.

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