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Eagles' best offseason acquisition was Kiko Alonso because he can be a defensive superstar

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Burke recently reviewed the Eagles' offseason moves in his report card for He gave Philadelphia a "B", and you can read more about his explanation here. What I found more interesting is that he highlighted Kiko Alonso as the best offseason acquisition by the Eagles. Philadelphia brought in quite a few new high-profile players this offseason. Was Alonso truly the best? Burke makes his case:

"He'll have to remind some people of this after a pre-season ACL tear cost him all of the 2014 season, but Kiko Alonso has the talent to be a defensive superstar. He absolutely looked the part as a rookie in 2013, en route to 159 tackles and a near-miss in Defensive Rookie of the Year voting. (Alonso grabbed 19 votes; Sheldon Richardson won with 23.) The Eagles already had a solid group of linebackers. Adding the dynamic Alonso to the mix might turn the set into one of the league's best."

I do think Alonso was a really quality addition, and perhaps one that's been underrated. He was so good as a rookie. The Eagles' front seven was already looking pretty solid without him. Adding a playmaker like him to the mix is definitely a big addition.

But in the interest of RANKING things, was Alonso the best? Byron Maxwell was such a crucial addition considering the Eagles literally had nothing at cornerback. Sam Bradford could end up being the most important position in terms of positional value, but there's the obvious injury risk. DeMarco Murray could prove to be a really good addition not only because he provides value to the Eagles but his absence from the Cowboys could potentially hurt Dallas. First round pick Nelson Agholor is someone to be excited about.

I ask you, then: which Eagles offseason addition was the best?

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