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NBA Draft 2015: Sixers could have a big night

It's a big night for the Sixers.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 NBA Draft is here! The action starts at 7:00 PM ET on ESPN. The Philadelphia 76ers are set to pick No. 3 overall heading into tonight's big event. They also had like 50 second round picks. Will they stay still? Will they trade up or down? Will they trade for Marcus Mariota, who still hasn't signed his rookie contract? Who really knows what general manager and mastermind Sam Hinkie is thinking?

Wait. This is an Eagles blog. What's the deal? Well, my friends, the NFL is stuck in the dead zone right now if you haven't noticed. Minicamp ended last week and training camp doesn't start until Sunday, August 2. There isn't a ton to talk about, so it's time to invest in some quality alternatives.

When I'm not writing about the Eagles (which is rare), I'm usually writing about Philadelphia's basketball team. I first started at SB Nation Sixers site Liberty Ballers. I also write about the Sixers monthly for (click here).

If you want my opinion on what the Sixers should do, and of course you do, it's stay at No. 3 and draft D'Angelo Russell. That lines up with what I think *will* happen:

"The 76ers are going to stay at No. 3 and take the best player available. That player is going to be D’Angelo Russell. He has the best potential to be a star and I think the team will like his potential fit with Joel Embiid."

Definitely tune in and check out Liberty Ballers for all your Sixers draft coverage tonight. I'll be live tweeting from the LB twitter account (@Liberty_Ballers) so give it a follow. You won't regret it. Or maybe you will. Only one way to find out!

If LB doesn't float your boat, feel free to this use this post as an open thread and comment here instead. I realize not all Eagles fans are necessarily Sixers fans, so feel free to discuss any other NBA teams you like. Traitor.

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