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Eagles fans will love this Nelson Agholor story

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The first time I ever watched a Nelson Agholor interview, I just knew he was destined to be a member of Chip Kelly's Philadelphia Eagles.

Agholor's talent and skills obviously contributed to why the Eagles drafted him with their first round pick, but it's hard not to imagine Kelly considered him a perfect culture fit. There's already been a story about how, instead of taking the regular rookie shuttle, Agholor takes a taxi to arrive extra early at the Eagles' facility.

Stories like these are just further examples of Agholor's great character. From something I saw on r/Eagles last week. The background story:

"At this year's NFLPA rookie premiere, rookies wrote their #1 goal for the season under a polaroid of themselves. Most wrote that they wanted to be in the Super Bowl or Pro Bowl, but look what Nelson Agholor wrote. I love this kid."

"Be a good person."

Between the combination of attitude and his talent, it's not going to take long for Agholor to become a fan favorite.

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