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Eagles News: Dolphins among 10 teams interested in Evan Mathis

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 6/22/2015.

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Let's get to the links...

Some Praise for the OL - Iggles Blitz
Last season, the Dallas offensive line averaged 2.8 yards before contact per rush. That was 10th best in the league. Last season, the Eagles, with a constantly changing offensive line, averaged 2.9 yards before contact per rush. That was seventh-best in the NFL.

Ten teams are courting Evan Mathis, agent Drew Rosenhaus says - Sun Sentinel
Though Rosenhaus woudn't name the teams going after Mathis, the Dolphins have expressed interest in signing the 10-year veteran, according to a team source. However, Miami has not made Mathis an offer as of Friday, and sources say the Dolphins aren't willing to bid high on the 33-year-old lineman, who has started 78 games in his 10 seasons.

The Secret Life of Chip Kelly - Birds 24/7
Defenders of Kelly have noted that many new players he brought in this off-season are black, though I think that misses the real question: Can Kelly abide a certain kind of outspoken, high-profile black player, one who doesn’t align himself with the boss’s program as neatly as, say, Brandon Graham? Maybe Kelly’s problem, in other words, isn’t racial but cultural. When Chip was hired by the Eagles before the 2013 season, an NFL insider says Kelly made a lot of anxious calls looking for tips on black coaches he could hire — it seems odd that after a couple of decades traipsing the country visiting schools to learn whatever he could about football, he was apparently devoid of those connections himself.

Kelly walks line between coaching and personnel - Inquirer
There are countless examples of coaches succumbing to the pressures of having responsibility over both football and business. It could have been a mismanagement of time, or not having the stomach for contract negotiations, or being a poor evaluator of talent. But sometimes it is because he couldn't juggle the disparate nature of being a coach and a businessman. Kelly said last week that he didn't foresee any problems with balancing the two.

Eagles 53-man roster prediction: Tim Tebow makes the cut, Marcus Smith doesn't -
Marcus Smith, just one year after the team took him in the first round, gets the ax. Why? Three reasons. First, he missed what felt like the majority of the offseason workouts with an injury, which isn't a good look. Second, that missed time cost him reps, which is huge considering his biggest flaw last season was his inability to understand the defense. Finally, he can't play special teams, which is why Braman and Jones get the final two spots.

Five potential roster surprises for the Philadelphia Eagls in 2015 - Morning Call
TE Justin Tukes. Special teams will likely be the deal breaker for the Eagles to keep four at this position, like they did last year, when Trey Burton proved to be indispensable. This year, Burton, Brent Celek and Zach Ertz seem like locks. So if Tukes can prove himself over fellow undrafted free agents Eric Tomlinson and Andrew Gleichert, he'll have a chance.

What Fatherhood Means To The Eagles -
There are many game-changing plays that occur over the course of a 60-minute contest. Interceptions. Turnovers. Penalties. Touchdowns. There are also many impactful moments over the course of a man’s life, but none compare to the substantial alterations that come with fatherhood. The players know that the football team is counting on them to produce and contribute in order to help win. Once they leave the field, however, the children need their fathers to be so much more than just role players.

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