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Philadelphia Eagles Chip Kelly approval poll: June 2015

Do you approve of the job Chip Kelly is doing with the Philadelphia Eagles? Vote now.

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Today we kick off the 2015 June edition of Philadelphia Eagles approval polls with head coach Chip Kelly.

The last time we polled Kelly's approval was shortly following the 2015 NFL Draft. There hasn't been a ton of action since then. The Eagles have been busy with their spring offseason workout program.

The most controversial event to happen since the draft was the recent release of Evan Mathis. Depth up front was already a concern; the Eagles haven't drafted an offensive lineman since 2013. Releasing the 33-year-old Mathis saved the Eagles money but it opened up a big hole. Philadelphia's projected starting offensive line now looks like this, from left to right: Jason Peters, Allen Barbre, Jason Kelce, (one of Matt Tobin/Andrew Gardner/Dennis Kelly?), Lane Johnson. The guard situation is obviously a concern. Then there's the fact this group will need to quickly develop chemistry working with each other.

Some have argued Kelly didn't handle the Mathis situation very well. Kelly could have forced an unhappy Mathis to play for the Eagles instead of cutting him while getting nothing of value in return. Then again, there's evidence to suggest the release of Mathis wasn't all about money or culture.

So, do you approve of the job Chip Kelly has done as the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles? Vote now in the poll below and leave your thoughts in the comments.

Chip Kelly Approval Polls:

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