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Eagles News: Michael Vick has some good advice for LeSean McCoy

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 6/16/2015.

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Let's get to the links...

Five potential Eagles offensive line trade targets - PhillyVoice
Martin started 20 games at USC at guard, and 13 at center. He has the versatility that the Eagles like, and they even reportedly brought him in for a pre-draft visit before the 2014 draft. Even though the 49ers lost Anthony Davis to retirement and Mike Iupati in free agency, they still have decent depth along their line. A year ago, Daniel Kilgore played very well at center before breaking his leg, which ended his season. Martin, who was rehabbing an injury at the time Kilgore went down, filled in at center for the rest of the season and understandably struggled. If the Niners feel that Kilgore is fully healed, Martin could be the odd man out, and thus an option for the Niners to try to recoup value in return for one of their bench players.

Michael Vick to former Eagles teammate LeSean McCoy: 'Don't take things so personally' -
"I talked to [wide receiver Riley] Cooper two weeks ago. He called me looking for Shady," Vick said. "We all stay in contact. That is the way it's supposed to be." It's unlikely this is what they'd like to be talking about. McCoy and Cooper have had their differences. And Vick didn't exactly agree with McCoy's recent assessment about his former coach. "Shady said that for his own reasons," Vick said "I know Chip personally and I don't feel that way about him. I try not to even look at it that way. "I don't know why Shady said that. Maybe it was because of personal encounters. We just try to leave it at that, but I know Shady has moved on, Chip has moved on and we should all leave it at that."

Escort Throatzilla Upset Lael Collins Won’t Pay For Her Eating His Groceries - BSO
To say Lael Collins has had a rocky road to the NFL over the last couple of months would be an understatement. Tragically his pregnant ex-girlfriend was murdered before the NFL Draft. Even though he was never charged, NFL teams weren’t going to take a chance on another Rae Carruth situation and didn’t draft him at all. Eventually, he was proven not to be the father and cleared by police (the case is still unsolved). He signed with the Cowboys and while he did lose out on a lot of money, he seemed to be happy. Then an escort on Twitter named Throatzilla had an issue with him.

Texas native Jason Peters still tired of Cowboys hype - Inquirer
Jason Peters watched the NFC divisional playoff game with his family in Texas. He was not happy to be watching it because he felt the Eagles were good enough to be playing in the game at Green Bay. The veteran offensive tackle was still not over the fact that his team had let a 9-3 start dissolve into a disastrous ending that included three straight losses to Seattle, Dallas, and Washington. "I felt like if we had made the playoffs we could have contended for the ring," Peters said last week after a long and hot Eagles workout. "We let the Cowboys beat us, man, and they almost went and [expletive deleted] won the Super Bowl. That play with Dez Bryant, they win that game and it's up in the air what they do next."

Eagles Wake-Up Call: Questionable Call By Kelly - Birds 24/7
Clearly, this relationship was not going to last barring a change of heart from the organization. But that's not to say they couldn't have made it work for one more year. Mathis said that he was planning on reporting to minicamp this week. Safe to say he would have been in attendance for training camp as well. And while he probably wouldn't have been thrilled, as Kelly himself said, he isn't the type of player that would "bring that to work" with him.  Worst case, the contract squabble impacts his attitude or performance and you cut ties. Best case, he allows his professionalism to rise above his unhappiness and crushes it on the left side once again.

OTAs Takeaways - Iggles Blitz
Chip wouldn’t blindly make these moves. He believes in them. You and I won’t suffer any consequences if this team goes 4-12. Chip’s reputation will be tarnished and his job status would be compromised. It would affect him forever. I don’t think he would have made these moves and risk all of that if he felt he couldn’t make them work. You can make the argument that he can just run back to college and get a huge deal there, but his legacy as a coaching genius would be tarnished. Chip is highly competitive. He doesn’t want to be Nick Saban or Steve Spurrier, college gurus who failed in the NFL.

A home for two - ESPN
Ryan Mathews' mother, Tricia, gave birth to him when she was 16. Tom Friend chronicles Mathews' remarkable journey to the NFL and the special bond he shares with his mother.

The Eagles don't have the best offensive line - SB Nation
Jason Peters says the Philadelphia Eagles have a better offensive line than the Dallas Cowboys, but neither have the best line in the NFL.

Rice Embraces Competition In Roster Push -
The Eagles drafted a cornerback in the second round of May's NFL Draft. In the sixth round, they drafted another. And then another. And yet, with interest from more than 10 teams as an undrafted free agent, Denzel Rice chose to sign with the Eagles, despite their addition of not one, not two, but three players at his position in the draft.

Pre-order the Eagles Almanac 2015! - BGN
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