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Eagles' Lane Johnson suggests an awesome Father's Day gift

The Eagles' right tackle has some good advice.

If you've followed Bleeding Green Nation closely, which I'm sure you have or why else would you be reading this, you may have noticed one of the site's writers constantly talks about "The Bacon Jams" a lot. That (absent) writer is Dan Klausner (@dklausner), and the reason he does that is he because he works for them. What a sellout, right?

Joking aside, it's a pretty cool product. It's spreadable bacon and it's good on anything. If you like bacon, there's no doubt you'll like this. And if my endorsement isn't good enough for you, check out what Philadelphia Eagles right tackle Lane Johnson had to say:

Father's Day is less than a week from today, so I figured I'd post this now to give you enough notice. You're welcome for the easy gift idea. It's a good deal, too. The 3-pack is only $37.99 as opposed to the single jar price of $14.99.


If bacon isn't you speed, here are some more Father's Day gift ideas for Eagles fans.

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