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Eagles fans have been mispronouncing Allen Barbre's name all this time

Finally, the TRUTH.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Allen Barbre's importance to the Eagles has greatly increased this offseason. Previously the first offensive lineman off the bench, he's now virtually a lock to be a starter with both Evan Mathis and Todd Herremans gone. Despite the lack of a proven track record, the team believes Barbre is an underrated player.

With Barbre moving into the starting spotlight, it's important that Eagles fans get to better know him. And what better place to start than with his name? Luckily, Zach Berman has Philadelphia fans covered:

Wait, really? I've been saying "Bar-bray" all this time. You know, because that's how it looks. I'm also pretty sure that's the only way I've heard it pronounced to this point. The good news is Barbre seems to be pretty flexible:

Bar-BREE? That's a new one entirely.

It seems to me Barbre is the type of offensive lineman an Eagles fan can get behind. "It doesn't matter what my name is. I'm just going to block the crap out of the guy in front of me."

Clearly, this is probably why the Eagles are so high on him.

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