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Chip Kelly says Eagles are interested in the virtual reality technology the Cowboys are using

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

There's been some buzz recently about how the Dallas Cowboys are training their quarterbacks with virtual reality technology. Re/code has more information:

"The Cowboys have inked a two-year deal with StriVR Labs, a virtual reality sports startup, to train all of its quarterbacks using a VR headset, according to a source familiar with the deal. After donning the headset, players see a live-action 3-D video replay of a football play from the quarterback’s perspective, and can review that play from a first-person view over and over, looking in any direction.

Currently, StriVR’s technology is not interactive, but instead aims to teach quarterbacks decision-making skills in the context of a real play. It also aims to make it easier to give both starters and backup quarterbacks more opportunities to learn without needing the whole team on the field.

Former Stanford University kicker Derek Belch developed StriVR as a master’s thesis in the school’s VR lab, and spun the company out earlier this year after the technology was credited with helping the school turn around its football season."

Chip Kelly was asked about this development during his Tuesday press conference. I included the entire exchange between the Eagles head coach and the reporter because it's hilarious:

"Q.  There is a new technology that just came out and the Cowboys signed up for it.  It's this virtual technology.  I reached out to the guys that run it who said they've been here and shown it to coaches here.  You weren't here on the day they did it --

CHIP KELLY:  I was here.

Q.  Oh, sorry?

CHIP KELLY:  I was here.  I'm here every day. (Joking)

Q.  Did you see it?  What did you think about it?  Was it something you'd implement?

CHIP KELLY:  Saw it at the Combine.  We were impressed with it.  So we're talking to those guys.

Q.  Is it something you might invest in?

CHIP KELLY:  We're interested in it.  Are you a salesman or? (Joking)

Q.  No.

CHIP KELLY:  Do you have it?

Q.  I saw it.

CHIP KELLY:  Alright. Did you buy it?

Q.  No, I couldn't afford it.

CHIP KELLY:  Couldn't recommend it?

Q.  I'd recommend it.

CHIP KELLY:  Okay, we'll take that under advisement then. (Joking)"


So maybe Kelly is genuinely interested, or maybe he's just messing around. If Kelly is to be taken at his word, perhaps this is something to watch moving forward. It seems like Sam Bradford might be in favor of it.

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