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NFL Power Rankings: Peter King thinks Eagles, not Cowboys, are team to beat in the NFC East

Do you agree with these rankings?

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Peter King of The MMQB released a special edition of his weekly column that features NFL Offseason Power Rankings, which are obviously very important and incredibly meaningful.

There are a number of surprises in his rankings: the Baltimore Ravens at No. 1, the  Kansas City Chiefs at No. 4, and so on. One of the surprises, for some, might include how highly the Philadelphia Eagles are ranked:

"7. Philadelphia (10-6). Mike Trout says: In Chip We Trust. For the Eagles to be seventh in the NFL, he’s going to have to say: In Sam Bradford We Trust."

King only has three NFC teams ahead of Philadelphia: the Seattle Seahawks (2), the Green Bay Packers (3), and the Minnesota Vikings (6!). King doesn't really go into detail on his thoughts about the Eagles other than the team's success depends on Sam Bradford, which is obvious.

Perhaps more interesting, then, is that King thinks lowly of the rest of the NFC East. Take a look at where the Eagles' division rivals rank.

"13. Dallas (12-4). I keep reading how many great pieces the Cowboys have added to their defense. I don’t see it. But they’re going to win a bunch of 33-27 games, so there’s hope."

The Cowboys hype machine has been strong this offseason, which in no way can possibly backfire on Dallas. I was surprised to see them ranked this low, though.

"22. New York Giants (6-10). Tell me Eli Manning stays protected, and tell me the second act of Steve Spagnuolo can come close to matching the first, and I’ll have more faith in the Giants to be a playoff team."

Some think the Giants might bounce back, but maybe the G-Men are just holding on to the Coughlin era for too long.

"25. Washington (4-12). I’d love to muster up enthusiasm for Jay Gruden, a good man and a good coach. But I can’t get his RGIII negativity out of my head from last season. Only Robert Griffin III can do that—for both of us."

Washington has seemingly had an OK offseason for the most part. But that doesn't really matter if RG3 continues to struggle.

Do you agree with these rankings?

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