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Eagles News: Eric Rowe is starting off at cornerback

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 5/9/2015.

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Let's get to the links...

Eagles are loaded with jacks of all trades at defensive back ... will they master any individual positions? - PhillyVoice
The Eagles' rookie draft picks and a few select undrafted free agents spoke with the Philly media today, and the three defensive backs who spoke all have something in common -- They all think they can play corner, safety, or nickel. The Eagles' rookies got their first taste of action on the practice field in Philly, and the three defensive backs were all asked where they played.

The Jordan Hicks-Kobe Bryant Connection - Birds 24/7
Unable to take the football field, Jordan Hicks instead focused his energy on his one-on-one with Kobe Bryant. Hicks ruptured his left Achilles tendon back in September of 2013, several months after Bryant suffered the same injury. A competitor by nature, Hicks decided to turn the rehab process into a showdown with Bryant to see who could return to action quicker. "He did a lot of things different -- he went what, over to Europe and did all his stuff -- I wasn't going to do that," said Hicks with a smile, "but I was keeping track of his timeline and his progression. I still remember this stuff: he was practicing after six months and took that month and came back in seven months."

Culture Club - Iggles Blitz
There is a lot to be said for this kind of thinking. Football is the ultimate team game. Players must function well together. They need to be on the same page. This is true whether talking about stars or players that are on the fringe of the roster. If you have the right type of character guys, this happens more easily than if you have individualistic players. We talk about how teams that "win the offseason" don’t always do well in the actual season. This is often due to the fact that the players have strong individual talent, but they lack the chemistry and cohesion to play well as a group. This isn’t baseball where you can just plug ‘n play guys. It is much harder for new players to fit in on a football team.

Eric Rowe lines up at cornerback for first day of Eagles rookie mini-camp -
The Eagles held their first day of practice for the 2015 rookie class on Friday, and just like head coach Chip Kelly said he would, second-round pick Eric Rowe was lined up at cornerback. "But that could change tomorrow," Rowe said with a smile.

No. 1 pick Agholor could be No. 1 receiver - Inquirer
But Maclin is gone and the Eagles don't appear to have a No. 1 wide receiver waiting in the wings - although a case could be made for Jordan Matthews. More than likely, the numbers will be divvied up among a group that will include more than just receivers. But there is another potential candidate to step into Maclin's shoes, and he drew comparisons to the new Chiefs receiver long before the Eagles selected him in the first round of the draft last week.

Chip Kelly shouldn't be comfortable with Eagles' WR depth - CSN Philly
Despite those changes, the Eagles will ultimately succeed or fail on the strength of the offense. They were excellent on that front a year ago: third in points per game, sixth in passing yards per game, ninth in rushing yards per game. There are of course notable differences between last year’s offense and the team they project to put on the field. Nick Foles is gone. So is Jeremy Maclin. So is LeSean McCoy (though he made certain he won’t be forgotten anytime soon). Todd Herremans is out. If they could find a taker for Evan Mathis, he would be, too. That’s some significant overhaul. The offense wasn’t broken, but the Eagles decided to fix it anyway.

Nine Takeaways From Rookie Camp -
Eagles fans are already buzzing about Agholor's potential in Chip Kelly's scheme, and while they have every right to do so, Agholor won't be reading much into it. Instead, he plans to control only what he can and let the rest work itself out. "Me telling you today that I want to grow every day as a football player and learn the offense and learn how professionals prepare, those are controllable things," said Agholor. "It's not about me going out there and catching 10 passes a game, because those things I really can't control. How I live is about easy aspects of life."

Price of supporting the troops is paid to the NFL - SB Nation
The Department of Defense paid NFL teams more than $5 million over four years to buy moments that honored troops. It's disingenuous -- and also par for the course for the NFL's operations.

Pre-order the Eagles Almanac 2015! - BGN
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