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Philadelphia Eagles Chip Kelly approval poll: May 2015

Do you approve of the job Chip Kelly is doing as the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles? Vote now.

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Today we kick off the 2015 May (aka post-draft) edition of Philadelphia Eagles approval polls with head coach Chip Kelly.

The last time we polled Kelly's approval was back in April. It was a month after the team made a bunch of crazy and unexpected moves in free agency. Kelly's rating took a drop down to 80%, which is the lowest it's ever been so far.

The Eagles coach had a chance to make up some ground through the 2015 NFL Draft. While he seemingly tried to trade up for Marcus Mariota, he was ultimately unable to make it happen. Instead, the Eagles sayed at their own pick in the first round and drafted USC wide receiver Nelson Agholor at No. 20. Philadelphia followed that up by drafting defensive players with their remaining selections: DB Eric Rowe, LB Jordan Hicks, CB JaCorey Shepherd, CB Randall Evans, and DE Brian Mihalik. The Birds also picked up a 2016 third round pick from the Detroit Lions by trading their own 2015 fourth round selection.

One significant criticism of the Eagles 2015 draft class is that Kelly did not manage to draft an offensive lineman. The Eagles have the oldest unit in the league and the team's depth is questionable.

Still, Kelly's first draft class with final say seemed to go well. The Eagles picked up some talented players while also addressing some roster needs.

So, do you approve of the job Chip Kelly has done as the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles? Vote now in the poll below and leave your thoughts in the comments.

Chip Kelly Approval Polls:

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