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Current and former Eagles players don't think Chip Kelly is racist

Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

The comments made by former Eagles running back LeSean McCoy about Chip Kelly getting rid of Philadelphia's "good black players" created a quite a stir on Wednesday morning. So much so that the Buffalo Bills announced McCoy would be made unavailable for media questioning.

But while McCoy might not be talking (at least for now), a few of his former teammates are speaking their mind. To no surprise, they don't agree with what McCoy had to say.

Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins shared his thoughts about McCoy's comments via

""If that's what he feels, he's definitely entitled to feel the way he does, but I haven't seen anything in the year I've been here that Chip plays favoritism to anyone because of their race,'' Jenkins told New Jersey Advance Media, Wednesday, at the NovaCare Complex. "If you look at the guys we traded; we traded one white guy (Nick Foles) for another white guy (Sam Bradford). We cut Todd (Herremans, who is white). We cut Trent (Cole, who is black). We traded (McCoy) and we replaced him with DeMarco Murray. I think it's all about the players, it's not about black and white. That's how I see it.'' "To be honest, (McCoy) is just crazy,'' he said with a laugh. "I mean, I don't know maybe he does see it that way. I don't. I never thought that. If I thought Chip was a racist, I'd say something. I'd ask out. I don't see it that way at all.'' "It's not a conversation that I've heard in the locker room of any of the guys feeling that way. You look at it, you kind of laugh. I mean I love Shady, loved him as a teammate, but I don't agree with what he said.''

Jenkins willingly chose to sign with the Eagles in free agency last offseason. He's one of the team's leaders and, based on my time covering the team, one of the most honest and genuine players around.

Meanwhile, former Eagles offensive lineman Todd Herremans was asked on Twitter about McCoy's comments. His response:

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