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NFL Power Rankings 2015: ESPN ranks all 32 teams after the NFL Draft

Isn't this FUN?

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Are you already tired of 2016 NFL mock drafts? Or how about those way-too-early 2016 Super Bowl odds? What's that? You're not? Well then do I have great news for you: it's time for some 2016 NFL Power Rankings!

In further proof that there is no true offseason when it comes to NFL coverage, ESPN released post-draft 2015 NFL power rankings on Tuesday. The Philadelphia Eagles rank just outside the top 10 at No. 11 overall. Here's what they had to say:

"The offensive additions made headlines for Chip Kelly, but the Eagles signed or drafted a combined six cornerbacks this offseason. Only three teams allowed more passing touchdowns than Philly in 2014."

As said earlier, it's really hard to place this Eagles team right now due to all of the significant offseason changes. No one really knows what this team is going to be like yet. This isn't like last year when the Eagles were returning most of the 2013 team heading into 2014. This year it's a lot harder to project exactly what the team will look like.

With that said, No. 11 seems like a fair enough number for now. The team finished 10-6 in the last two years under Chip Kelly so it's really hard to be too down on this squad.

Four NFC teams ranked ahead of the Eagles include: Seahawks, Packers, Cowboys, and Cardinals. I can see all of those except for the last one. Let's take a look around the NFC East:

6) Cowboys

"The Cowboys rushed more than any other team last season, but didn't draft a RB to replace DeMarco Murray. That leaves Darren McFadden, who has one 16-game season in his career, as the lead back."

It is interesting to see that the Cowboys really didn't address the running back position. They're putting a lot of faith in their offensive line. It may pay off for them, but it might be hard for Dallas to stay as healthy up front as they did last season. Just ask the 2014 Eagles.

23) Giants

"Drafting an offensive tackle ninth overall may not seem sexy, but the Giants ranked 30th in yards per rush last season, despite their running backs ranking 10th in yards after contact."

The Giants have refused to move on from the Tom Coughlin era. Can they really turn this thing around or are they clinging on to a sinking ship?

27) Washington

"Robert Griffin III probably appreciates the Redskins' selection of an offensive lineman with the fifth overall pick. Only the Jaguars allowed more sacks than the Redskins last season."

Washington has quietly seemed to have a decent offseason, or at least relative to their standards. But it won't matter much if RG3 struggles again.

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