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Chip Kelly, Ed Marynowitz are cleaning out the Eagles scouting staff

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

You know how Black Monday takes place in the NFL the day after the season is over and a bunch of head coaches are fired? Well, today is Black Monday in the NFL scouting department. Now that the 2015 NFL Draft is over, a number of scouting staff members around the league are being fired.

The Eagles scouting staff members are no exception, especially now that Chip Kelly and Ed Marynowitz are in charge. According to a report from Les Bowen of the Daily News, the Eagles have fired the following scouting staff members:

• Anthony Patch, Director of College Scouting - Had been with the Eagles for 11 years. Current position since 2012.

• Rick Mueller, Director of Pro Personnel - Joined the Eagles in 2012.

• Brad Obee, Southwest Area Scout - Joined the Eagles in 2009.

These were clearly members of the staff valued by former general manager Howie Roseman. Now that Roseman has been removed from the team's player personnel department, it's no surprise that Kelly and Marynowitz want to pick their own guys.

More changes could be on the way.

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