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Eagles Draft Picks 2015: Rookies get new jersey numbers

New players means new jerseys. See what numbers the Eagles 2015 draft class rookies will be wearing.

Now that the 2015 NFL Draft is over and all of the Philadelphia Eagles draft picks and undrafted free agent signings have been announced, it's time to hand out some new jerseys. Here's a look at what numbers the new rookies will be wearing.

Draft Picks

WR Nelson Agholor - 17

DB Eric Rowe -  32

LB Jordan Hicks - 58

CB JaCorey Shepherd - 36

CB Randall Evans - 41

DE Brian Mihalik - 73


High-level jersey number analysis

Draft Picks:

• Seeing Hicks in the 58 will be weird considering it's the number Trent Cole had been wearing since 58. Feels like they should have let that one breathe for at least a year, but I guess they were tight on space. Hicks wore 3 in college.

• On a similar note, it will be weird to see 36 being worn by a player who is not Brian Westbrook. At least in this case it has been a while since he's played.

• 17 was last worn by Arrelious Benn and 32 was last worn by Chris Polk. The Eagles will hope Agholor and Rowe won't have the same type of injury issues those former players had.

• 41 was last worn by ... TE/FB Emil Igwenagu. 73 was last worn by ... Wade Smith.


•  First thing that stands out is Jeremy Maclin's 18 going to Rasheed Bailey. Bailey is a local kid who grew up as an Eagles fan so I'm sure people would like to see him catch on.

Brett Boyko and Mihalik are both sharing the same number: 73.

• The Eagles haven't had a player wear 49 since Rashad Jeanty in 2011. Who?

• James Casey's 85 goes to Andrew Gleichert.

Cole Manhart takes the number of former Eagles guard Todd Herremans: 79. Cole Manhart is such an awesome name.

• Big DT B.J. McBryde is sharing 77 with OT Kevin Graf.

Raheem Mostert will wear 48. Weird number for a running back. Fullback Jon Ritchie once wore it.

Mike Coccia and Travis Raciti will share 78.

Eric Tomlinson almost looks big enough to be a lineman, but 83 is obviously a tight end number.


So, will you be buying any of these? Which ones?

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