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Connor Barwin tweeted a picture of himself body-slamming Sam Bradford


The Philadelphia Eagles official Twitter account caught a nice moment on camera during Thursday's OTA practice. Here's Connor Barwin and Sam Bradford hanging out like a pair of bros:

But these two obviously weren't always on the same side. They actually used to play against each other in college: Bradford for the Oklahoma Soooners and Barwin for the Cincinnati Bearcats. With that in mind, the Eagles linebacker posted the following tweets following Thursday's practice:

Yes, that's Barwin body-slamming Bradford back in the day. Or maybe he was just giving him a hug knowing they'd be future teammates. Who knows.

In any case, funny stuff from Barwin. This picture does seem at least a little odd given Bradford's history of being fragile but at least now the quarterback won't have to worry about being crushed by Barwin anymore. The fist-bump thing is much more preferable.

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