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Eagles 2015 schedule features the shortest travel distance of any NFL team

Will this give the Eagles an advantage?

One of the first things everyone realized following the release of the Philadelphia Eagles' 2015 schedule was that it didn't feature many long road trips. In fact, the Eagles will only leave the Eastern Time Zone once during the 2015 season with a visit to Dallas in Week 9.

It's no surprise, then, to see that the Eagles actually have the shortest travel distance of any NFL team in 2015. According to CBS Sports, the Eagles will only travel 6,818 miles. That's certainly convenient.

Here's the entire Eagles travel map, via Pro Football Reference. I added team logos to each destination to make things a little easier to visualize.

Will lesser travel distance help the Eagles win more games?

Maybe. But just a little. At the least, it can't hurt. From CBS Sports:

"Traveling a lot may not have a huge bearing on wins or losses, but traveling far seems to have some effect -- as the Raiders have proven.

In the 15-season period from 1997-2011, teams that traveled 2,000 miles or more for a road trip won only 39.8 percent of their games, according to That's slightly worse than the 43 percent of games won by teams that went on road trips that were 1,000 miles or less."

Travel distances

Here are all eight away games, listed in order of longest travel distance. The two closest games predictably come against some NFC East opponents.

  1. Dallas Cowboys: 1,313 miles (3 hour 20 min flight nonstop)
  2. Atlanta Falcons: 664 miles (2 hour 10 min flight nonstop)
  3. Carolina Panthers: 448 miles (1 hour 50 min flight nonstop)
  4. Detroit Lions: 443 miles (1 hour 40 min flight nonstop)
  5. New England Patriots: (1 hour 10 min flight nonstop)
  6. Washington Redskins: 115 miles (2 hour 30 min drive)
  7. New York Jets 83 miles (1 hour 45 min drive)
  8. New York Giants: 83 miles (1 hour 45 min drive)

Other NFL teams

Check out CBS Sports to see the entire list, but here are some highlights:

• The San Francisco 49ers will travel the farthest distance at 27,998 miles. That's over four times longer than the Eagles have to go.

• Around the NFC East: The Cowboys rank with the 12th longest distance (17,148), the Giants rank 23rd (12,448), and Washington ranks near the Eagles at 31st (7,150).

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