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NFL Draft Results: 10 Thoughts About the Eagles Picks and Signings

Let's talk.

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The 2015 NFL Draft is over and done with and the Eagles have helped themselves out quite a bit on both sides of the ball. Through the draft and undrafted free agency, the Eagles have added youngsters looking to make their mark in the NFL. With that said, I have a few thoughts about the busy weekend.

1. The Eagles clearly went into the draft looking to improve the secondary. The team spent three picks on defensive backs and they got them in nice value spots. Trading up for Eric Rowe was a move that one could see coming (I predicted it in my Day 2 mock earlier that day) but it was a smart pick nonetheless. Rowe can compete at the second cornerback spot as well as at the safety spot opposite Malcolm Jenkins. He'll likely start at one of those positions as a rookie.

I love Randall Evans and JaCorey Shepherd is a really intriguing prospect. Those two sixth round picks were high value and honestly keep me at ease regarding Chip Kelly's general manager skills. I think both make the roster and Evans plays a decent role.

2. The lack of an offensive line draft picks is kind of perplexing but the team did sign several undrafted dancing bears. The Eagles clearly think they have enough depth or they are waiting for post-June 1 cuts. I guess we'll see but this is one old line.

3. Nelson Agholor may not be the most exciting pick but after meditating on it, I think he was the right pick. I think he allows you to run a three-man weave at all three wide receiver spots with him, Josh Huff and Jordan Matthews. That is very, very appealing.

4. The Eagles got value for a pick that had little in the 4th round. Players were falling and this class was unappealing from the jump, so why not get a third round pick next season? Good work.

5. I think the entire NFC East did very well in the draft. This is going to be very interesting and competitive year.

6. Admittedly, I kind of didn't understand the Jordan Hicks pick initially. I am a big fan of Najee Goode and I think the depth was fine before drafting Hicks to play inside linebacker. That said, I could see Brad Jones playing outside and the team moving Mychal Kendricks before training camp.

7. Speaking of Kendricks, there were no veteran trades for the Eagles. What gives? Lack of value or are people making things up? Probably a little of both.

8. BLG owned this weekend and BGN was the top SB Nation team site.

9. Brandon and I want to thank you for another great draft season. You guys make this site what it is and we are so thrilled to write for you, but...

10. I will be moving on... I haven't made it a secret that I have been covering the Jaguars for First Coast News for the last month. Writing for a major local outlet is extremely time consuming and also a bit of a conflict of interest, but I wanted to finish covering the draft for you guys one more time. As you can tell, I have been less active and not really repeating the ridiculous output of last year, which wasn't fair to you guys.

Brandon and I have been a very, very successful team for two and a half years and I am so proud of what we have accomplished but I really wanted to pursue a full-time football writing gig and I got one. I've been blessed to write for and be toughened by you guys and as most of you know, I started as one of you. I have been a member and/or writer of Bleeding Green Nation for seven years.

This place has truly saved me as a writer and as a person and I am so thrilled to have had this opportunity. I love you guys, I truly do. Thanks to my guy Dan Klausner for getting BLG and me hired, thanks to Jason for hiring me and thanks to Jimmy for not firing me. BLG is a superstar and I am honored to ride his coattails. Thanks B! Thank you to all of our BGN Radio listeners as well, you're terrific.

I'll be around until June 1 and then it's full-time Jags.

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