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LeSean McCoy's race comments are "complete bullshit and irresponsible as hell," says Jay Glazer

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

LeSean McCoy's comments about Chip Kelly and race have resurfaced recently due to the fact Kelly was asked to respond to them on Thursday. Through a level-headed, measured response, the Eagles coach simply said McCoy's comments are wrong. A number of Eagles players also stood up for Kelly.

Later on Thursday evening, NFL Insider Jay Glazer also took Kelly's side. He actually went on a Twitter rant against McCoy, as formatted here by Crossing Broad:

"I’m sorry man but you just don’t flippantly accuse people of this. I think it’s complete bullshit and irresponsible as hell to bring into the equation. When you accuse someone, that label stays with you regardless of truth. Wrong for [McCoy] to go there, don’t bring it into the equation. Didn’t they replace McCoy with DeMarco Murray? I’ve known and trained with Murray since college and I’m pretty sure, actually I’m positive, he’s black. Lecture over. Unless you’re sure about something like that don’t publicly label someone as it. You’re guilty no matter what and it’s wrong."

He finished up his rant by saying "It's just sports, don't bring other shit in when its not facts."

Glazer is one of the most (if not the most) reliable NFL reporters around. He's not necessarily divulging inside information in his rant but it's hard to believe Glazer would go after McCoy like this unless he was sure the running back's comments are way off base.

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