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Byron Maxwell guarantees Eagles will go to Super Bowl 50


Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

You can't say Byron Maxwell lacks confidence. In a recent interview with Jenny Vrentas of The MMQB, the new Philadelphia Eagles cornerback made a bold prediction. For context, here was the entire exchange:

"VRENTAS: Is that similarity in the team culture a big reason why you believe the Eagles will go to the Super Bowl this year?

MAXWELL: We will, though.

VRENTAS: That sounds kind of like a guarantee.

MAXWELL: You can take that as a guarantee. That’s just me believing in my team and the product we’re going to put out there on the field. I really do believe that. I have no choice but to think that way."

And there it is, the dreaded Super Bowl guarantee. While some will appreciate the fact he doesn't lack confidence, others will cringe and rather Maxwell not make claims like this. There is a lot of room for guarantees like this to backfire. Only two teams compete for the championship every year and it's not easy to get there. It's not a problem for the players to believe they will win a title, but voicing it to the media doesn't really benefit anyone.

The Eagles showed a lot of faith in Maxwell by rewarding him with a big contract this offseason. Clearly the team believes he can help them win a championship. Maxwell knows what it takes to make it to the Super Bowl; he's been in the big game the past two years with the Seattle Seahawks. But now it's up to him, along with his teammates, to deliver on the big promise.

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