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Nelson Agholor gets to the Eagles facility early every morning

Hard work.

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Jordan Matthews is probably one of the hardest working players on the Eagles. It's no surprise why Chip Kelly was so excited to draft him last year.

It's actually funny to watch the wide receiver during practice. Every time he makes a catch, he'll run out the play hard way after it's over. He consistently trains like he's in a game situation and not a practice.

Now with a year under his belt, Matthews is no longer the rookie who is catching everyone's attention. Instead, it's the Eagles' 2015 first round pick that's making an impression on him.

In an interview with 94 WIP on Tuesday morning, Matthews revealed an interesting nugget about rookie wide receiver Nelson Agholor. Via CBS Philly, bold emphasis is mine:

"You hear a lot of great things, but then when you actually get him on the field and see what type of guy he is, you’re like OK this kid gets it. Instead of taking the regular rookie shuttle, he takes a taxi to get here early to the facility. That’s a kid that gets it.

"He’s been really aggressive with his studies. He’s always hitting me up, if he needs like signals. If he needs information, he calls me whenever and then we’re able to talk over it. And we haven’t even gotten to how he is on the field. This kid is explosive."

A strong work ethic alone can't replace talent, but in this case the Eagles can be glad Agholor has both. Adding him to the mix with Matthews (and potentially Josh Huff) could give Philadelphia quite a young, dynamic wide receiver corps for years to come.

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