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DeMarco Murray looks absolutely jacked in his first appearance in an Eagles jersey


Chip Kelly wasn't kidding around when he said he wanted physical running backs. Take a look at this picture that Ryan Mathews tweeted of himself and DeMarco Murray standing together in the Eagles locker room:

Geez. Those are some big dudes. Murray's arms look especially ripped. Some more photos below:

Per the Eagles official site, Mathews measures in at around 6-0, 220 pounds. Murray lists at 6-0, 217. By comparison, former Eagles running back LeSean McCoy measures in at 5-11, 208. He reportedly loss somewhere from five to seven pounds last offseason.

McCoy had a lot of success during his career with Philadelphia, but it's clear Chip Kelly wanted to move in a direction. The Eagles coach certainly got the type of players he wanted. Now we'll have to see how it works out on the field.

In the meantime, Tony Romo will certainly be missing Murray's muscles.

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