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Eagles jerseys rank among NFL teams with best uniforms

The most important list you will ever read.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

If you thought ESPN's offseason grades were a sign of the slow NFL offseason, think again. Now they're doing power rankings of NFL jerseys! And I'm actually writing about it. Isn't this fun?

The Eagles rank eighth overall on this arbitrary list. Here's why.

"It's hard to judge the Eagles on what they wore last year, because a Nike manufacturing glitch left them without their signature midnight green jerseys and pants until more than halfway through the season, forcing the team to wear more white and black components than usual. Assuming Nike has its act together this time around, the Eagles should return to being one of the league's better-looking teams. (Although they'd look even better if they traded in the midnight green for kelly, which many fans have been requesting for years, and if they ditched the black alternates.)"

This year the Eagles won't have to worry about not having their new midnight green jerseys ready in time for the season. It also seems likely they'll break out the all-black alternate uniforms again for at least one game.

But what's an Eagles jersey discussion without the mention of Kelly green? The Eagles are reportedly considering a switch to Kelly green for the alternate jerseys, but not a full time change.

According to these very important power rankings, the Eagles rank second in the NFC East. The Cowboys are first at No. 6 while the Giants rank No. 12 and Washington is closer to the bottom at No. 24.

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