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NFL Draft 2015: Randall Evans is a "workhorse with a high motor"

The Philadelphia Eagles used the No. 196 overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft on cornerback Randall Evans. Eagles fans and media alike reacted strongly. Read on to see how it turned out.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas State Blog - Bring On The Cats

"Evans brings several strengths. He's a fantastic double-duty corner, and he's also perfectly capable of playing at free safety. He's solid against the run and the pass, and does a great job reading the quarterback; most of his interceptions have been the result of perfect reads and route-jumping. He also finishes well; in the midst of a defense that we sometimes criticized for poor tackling, Evans almost never got called out for it. The Eagles, desperate for help in the defensive backfield, appear to have gone after someone who can be dependable rather than astonishing. Don't take that as selling Evans short; it's a compliment."


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