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Vinny Curry warms up for Eagles practice by imitating Brock Lesnar

Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Vinny Curry is a huge wrestling fan. He doesn't exactly keep this a secret. He's been caught on camera doing Ric Flair impersonations and his Twitter feed is very active during live WWE events, such as the one last night.

Curry is back with a new impersonation. This time he's paying tribute to former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar. For those unfamiliar with wrestling, the music playing in this video is the theme music used during Lesnar's ring entrances:

How I get ready for practice @philadelphiaeagles #YOTF #PROSPER

A video posted by Vinny Curry (FLEE) (@mrgetflee) on

Because why do normal warm ups when you can have some fun?

And how about that Eagles belt he's wearing? That thing looks pretty cool! Along with the Eagles logo on the front it looks like it has NFL logo side plates. Where the heck did he get that?

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