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Mychal Kendricks Trade Rumors: Chip Kelly expects Eagles linebacker to be back

What are the Eagles going to do?

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

As if the Philadelphia Eagles didn't have an absolute logjam at inside linebacker before Day 2 of the 2015 NFL Draft, now the situation is even more crowded. The Birds drafted Texas linebacker Jordan Hicks with the No. 84 overall pick in the third round on Friday evening.

Rumors emerged earlier this week that the Eagles are shopping Kendricks for a second round pick. The second round of this year's draft is obviously over at this point, so perhaps Philadelphia would be interested in a 2016 pick instead. Or a Day 3 pick.

Or maybe they just plan to keep Kendricks? Whether you're buying it or not, that's what Chip Kelly is saying.

It's just hard to believe Kelly is telling the truth based on the team's moves. Kendricks is undoubtedly a good player, but if the team was so high on him, why would they re-sign DeMeco Ryans and trade for Kiko Alsono? And then draft Hicks with a Day 3 pick? Plus there's the free agent signing of Brad Jones and the return of Najee Goode. Emmanuel Acho and Brandon Hepburn are on the roster as well.

The Eagles were ravaged by a multitude of injuries at the inside linebacker offseason last season. To be determined how this situation plays out.

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