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NFL Draft Rumors: Eagles, Buccaneers discussed trade involving Sam Bradford and first round picks

More details from the Mariota fallout.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Chip Kelly denied that the Eagles made a serious effort to try and trade up for Oregon Ducks quarterback Marcus Mariota. Some reports indicate that Kelly isn't lying.

But then there are reports like this one from Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk. According to Florio, the Eagles offered a big package to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the No. 1 overall pick.

"Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Eagles offered the following to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the first pick in the draft:  the 20th pick in this year’s draft; Philly’s first-round pick in 2016; quarterback Sam Bradford; and another player on the roster.

It’s unclear who the other player would have been.  Possibly linebacker Mychal Kendricks.  Possibly Lane Johnson or Fletcher Cox, but the Eagles were expressing reluctance to include either of those pieces.

It’s unknown whether that same offer was made to the Titans, who held the No. 2 pick and ultimately used it on Mariota.  It’s reasonable to assume something similar to that was placed on the table.

This information comes at a time when the Eagles are in full-blown backpedal mode, for a couple of obvious reasons.  First, they need to find a way to mend fences with Bradford, who undoubtedly realizes that he was nearly re-traded.  Second, the next distraction for Kelly and the Eagles (and the Titans) will be the inevitable speculation — which already has begun in some league circles — that Kelly is destined to eventually become the coach of the Titans."

This deal actually seems less expensive than what the Eagles reportedly offered to move up to No. 2.

Also, what the heck is this stuff about Kelly already being connected to the Titans? Give me a break.

But back to the rumored Titans deal. NFL Network's Albert Breer has more on that:

Offer or no offer ... who knows what to believe? The only thing we know is the deal didn't happen. Mariota is now set to be the QB of the Titans.

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