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2015 NFL Draft Grades: Philadelphia Eagles selection of Nelson Agholor earns positive reviews

The first round of the 2015 NFL Draft is complete which means it's time to over-analyze the picks before they've set foot on the field. Yes, it's NFL Draft grades time.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

One of the best and worst parts about the NFL Draft is the immediate overreaction to the entire process. NFL draft grades are a strange thing. They're completely meaningless and arbitrary. It often takes several years to be able to judge a full draft class. Yet, here we are, giving out grades less than 24 hours after the picks are even made. Instant gratification is a necessity.

For what it's worth, most Philadelphia Eagles fans seem to like the team's selection of Nelson Agholor at No. 20 so far. With nearly 4000 votes cast, 82% of voters say they approve of the pick. Compare that to the 65% approval rate of Marcus Smith from the 2014 NFL Draft.

Personally, I would give the Eagles about a B or B+ ... Agholor is a good pick for them, but it's not exactly a slam dunk.

Now for more hot takes and draft grades from "experts" around the web.

SB Nation - (B+)

"The versatile and speedy Agholor is a good foil for second-year wide out Jordan Matthews. If Agholor develops as expected, he could be this generation's version of Reggie Wayne. But is he a legit No. 1 wide receiver who will scare defenses?" - (B+)

"Poor Agholor will have the distinction of being "Not Marcus Mariota" in Philly, but that doesn't matter. He'll be a great fit for Chip Kelly's offensive system. His return game is not to be underestimated either, and he's a picture-perfect replacement for Jeremy Maclin. Don't be surprised if he has the most catches of any rookie wideout next season." - (B+)

Agholor's name had climbed into Round 1 discussion in the weeks leading up to the draft, with several teams intrigued by his advanced route-running and knack for getting open. In Kelly's spread offense Agholor should see plenty of opportunities. He certainly has the skills to turn those chances into Maclin-like stats, even if this pick at No. 20 may have been pushing Agholor's draft ceiling. One must wonder, however: Would Philadelphia have been better off re-signing Maclin and focusing its attention elsewhere at this spot, rather than leaving itself in need of replacing the talented receiver?

CBS Sports - (B)

"I like this kid a lot, and he will be perfect for the Chip Kelly offense. They had to get a receiver, so it works here."

Bleacher Report - (B)

"Agholor fits the modern mold of the USC receiver: Marqise Lee, Robert Woods, Damien Williams and the Steve Smith who starred for the Giants a few years ago. That’s not to be confused with the old king-sized Mike Williams/Dwayne Jarrett model of USC receiver, who was usually too slow and not physical enough to do anything in the NFL except bamboozle Matt Millen. Agholor, like Lee and the others, is a sports coupe: mid-sized, smooth, efficient, useful in a lot of ways. The USC receivers can typically provide a few 65-catch seasons as second or third options in the passing game. They are like Nissan Altimas for your depth chart. Agholor should follow the Lee-Woods template: decent production, no headaches, minimal big-play sizzle. Grade: B for Boring. Kelly did something boring. But for once he doesn't earn a simultaneous A/F." - (A)

"After not getting Mariota, they did the best they could. Agholor is going to be very good in this offense."

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