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Nelson Agholor Highlights: Meet your newest Eagles wide receiver

The Eagles picked WR Nelson Agholor at No. 20. Watch some of his highlights here.

Here are college highlights from the Philadelphia Eagles' first round pick at No. 20 in the 2015 NFL Draft: USC wide receiver. In Agholor's final season with the Trojans in 2014, he recorded 104 receptions, 1,313 yards (12.6 average), and 12 touchdowns. He also returned 19 punts for 197 yards (10.4 average) and two touchdowns.

(Note: if you are afraid you will be annoyed by the music, just turn the volume down before you even start playing the video. I don't want to hear people complaining about the music.)

Here's a scouting report on Agholor via BGN's Mike Kaye:

"Strengths - Agholor's "special traits" are his vision with the ball in his hands and his toughness. The guy gives his all, whether it's blocking, receiving or returning. Dangerous in space, Agholor is able to turn on the jets with field in front of him. He's tough to bring down and gives added effort when met with contact. He has good hands and catches the ball cleanly. He is a very willing blocker, and while he doesn't have a ton of strength, he is able to take angles that keep defenders out of plays. He runs polished routes and displays impressive footwork. He knows how to create space. He is constantly alert and offers the rare college receiver trait of coming back to bail out the quarterback on plays that take too much time to develop. He is a proven returner and is dynamic in the punt game. He is willing to go across the middle.

Weaknesses - Agholor is prone to mental errors and has trouble tracking the ball in the air. He is not a burner and is more of a possession receiver. He has only adequate size and is not particularly a deep threat. He needs to probably add muscle similarly to Jeremy Maclin in later years.

Eagles Outlook - The Eagles have shown plenty of interest in Agholor and they haven't been all that shy about getting to know him and his talent. While the team had similar interest in Marqise Lee last season, the Eagles are more likely to jump at Agholor due to his clean bill of health. He is ready for special teams and returning as a rookie and could develop into a starter by season's end. While I tend to view him as a second round pick, Chip Kelly may just grab his guy in the first round with his new general manager responsibilities."


Also watch this to get a sense of what he's like off the field.

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