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Giants fan Melissa Joan Hart lost a bet to an Eagles player

Well, this is weird.

You probably know Melissa Joan Hart from either Clarissa Explains It All or Sabrina, The Teenage Witch but I'm guessing you probably didn't know this about her: she's a New York Giants fan. But before you allow this absolutely devastating news to ruin your day, at least Eagles fans can take solace in the fact that she was recently forced to wear the midnight green:

This picture leaves me with unanswered questions. How does Cedric Thornton know the TV star? Do Cedric Thornton jerseys actually exist? (They should, because he's a very good and deserving player, but far from the most popular name.) And why did the outcome of this bet take place only recently when the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants last played in late December?

I don't know, but kudos to Hart for owning up to the bet. And kudos to Thornton for making sure he didn't have to wear the New York blue.

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