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Chip Kelly's Eagles roster turnover is causing problems for jersey vendors

These local businesses are out of luck.

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If you're an Eagles fan, there's a good chance the jerseys you own are out of date. Some of Philadelphia's most popular players departed from the team this offseason; Nick Foles and LeSean McCoy were traded while Jeremy Maclin exited town. Trent Cole was released. Even Frank Gore left his legacy behind. With this in mind, it's probably time to get a new one.

Chip Kelly's first offseason with full control over the team's player personnel department surely hasn't been a dull one. And due to the increased activity, local area jersey vendors are struggling to make big inventory decisions. Via Sam Donnellon of the Daily News:

""I don't know what Chip Kelly is doing," Frank Sanders, the store manager of Lids Locker Room in the Cherry Hill Mall, was saying yesterday. "So, yeah, I'm a little nervous getting anything in here just yet."

Nearby, Sports Authority is in a state of suspended animation as well, said employee Tina Lopez, saddled with an inventory of shirts of players no longer with the team. As for the new guys, she said, there are a few DeMarco Murray shirts available in their Turnersville store, but the district manager has made it clear: No big buys until we're sure the guys who Chip brought in today are the same ones he will put on the field at summer's end."

One of the biggest issues, which is one that Marcus Mariota conspiracy theorists might enjoy, is that stores are afraid to stock Sam Bradford jerseys. Kelly denied that the Eagles are planning to use Bradford as a trade chip during the 2015 NFL Draft, but rumors indicate it's still a possibility. (If you're worried about getting your Bradford jersey, there's always the team store!)

I'm sure these vendors will find a way to get by but it's just interesting to see how far-reaching the impact of this absurd Eagles offseason has been. Stay tuned for a comprehensive "Which Eagles jersey should you buy?" guide that I hope to get around to later this spring or summer.

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