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NFL Draft Rumors: Titans want a HUGE value for trading No. 2 pick

No, really?

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

If the Eagles are hoping to trade up from No. 20 to the No. 2 overall pick to get Marcus Mariota, which certainly seems like the case, the Tennessee Titans are making it known it won't be cheap.

This isn't surprising. Jumping up 18 spots would be a big move for the Eagles.

However, a lot of these rumors regarding the Titans have a smokescreen kind of feel to them. I wrote about this yesterday:

"I can't help but think the Titans are behind all of these rumors. They so badly want someone to make a huge offer for their No. 2 pick. Their roster is depleted of talent and getting a team to supply them with a hoard of draft picks would greatly benefit them. Teams in pursuit of Mariota (the Eagles among them) can either succumb to the pressure or call the bluff."

Reports like this do nothing to convince me otherwise:

Look, either Mariota is the Titans' franchise quarterback or he's not. And if he is, why are the Titans even bothering to field offers (and/or shop the pick)?

I think Jimmy Kempski said it well:

It remains to be seen if/when someone calls the Titans' bluff.

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