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Marcus Mariota Trade Rumors: Browns believe they can acquire Sam Bradford from Eagles before 2015 NFL Draft

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2015 NFL Draft day is finally here. Wednesday night ended with a report from Pro Football Talk that the Philadelphia Eagles are "doing all they can" to trade up for Marcus Mariota. Now Peter King of The MMQB has some more information on a potential deal.

According to King, the Eagles have the best shot of any team to trade up for the Oregon quarterback. Why? Because they have Sam Bradford, and he could be a big trade piece. Interestingly enough, King reports that the the Cleveland Browns believe they have a chance to land Bradford before the NFL Draft begins.

"And Wednesday night, evidence mounted that the Tennessee pick was in play. As I reported Monday, the Titans could move the pick for a huge offer, and there are three teams that could put one together: Philadelphia, Cleveland and San Diego.

But only Eagles coach Chip Kelly, who has a major thing for Mariota (as Oregon’s head coach, Kelly oversaw the recruitment of Mariota and his development as a great college quarterback), could realistically put together a package strong enough to acquire Mariota.

We’ll see today how far Kelly is willing to go to reunite with him. I believe Kelly will make a serious effort to acquire Mariota in the hours before the draft begins at 8 p.m. ET. [...]

"The Eagles have the most ammo, because they have Bradford. The Chargers would have to include veteran quarterback Philip Rivers in a trade, and are unwilling to do so. The Browns would have to deal more than their two first-round picks this year for Mariota—and they’re unwilling to do that as well.

But there is this X factor, not to complicate this too much: One NFL source in Chicago late Wednesday night told me Cleveland believes it has a good chance before the draft to deal for Bradford."

It's no secret the Browns like Bradford. They reportedly offered the No. 19 overall pick for him this offseason. There have been reports that Bradford isn't willing to sign an extension in Cleveland, however, which is a factor that could seemingly complicate a trade. If the deal gets done, however, the Eagles could use the pick(s) they get from Cleveland to then send to Tennessee in order to move up in the draft.

Kelly denied the Eagles acquired Bradford to use as a trade chip. He also denied the team is going to mortgage their future to trade up for Mariota. It's possible he was telling the truth and all of these rumors are coming from Tennessee in an effort to create competition for a team to trade up to their No. 2 pick.

But it's hard to rule out the fact that the Eagles have genuine interest in Mariota. It's known that Kelly thinks highly of him. Several reports throughout the offseason have insisted the Eagles are going to try to get him.

King ultimately thinks the Titans could just stay at No. 2 and take Mariota, but he seems far from sure. In the meantime, this will obviously be a situation to watch throughout the day and into the night.

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