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Marcus Mariota to the Eagles dream is not dead yet


Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Tim McManus of Birds 24/7 is one of the most reliable reporters on the Eagles beat. It's very interesting, then, that he tweeted out the following on Tuesday afternoon:

It's hard to read into this too much, but it's definitely at least worth noting here.

McManus isn't the only reliable Eagles reporter who believes the Mariota dream is alive. BGN alumnus Jimmy Kempski, currently with PhillyVoice, has said from the beginning that the Eagles are going to make a "strong play" for Mariota. Kempski recently elaborated on his stance in this article:

"This may seem like the obvious by now, but according to many reliable sources I've spoken with over the last few months, the Eagles are going to try to trade up to draft Marcus Mariota. The only way in which those sources differ is on how far they'll go to get him. If their "try" is robust, maybe a deal gets done. If their "try" is weak, then obviously it takes two (or three) to tango, and the Eagles will simply go into the season with Sam Bradford as their QB. But every indication I've been given is that they are going to try."

After citing sources, Kempski goes on to point out why the Mariota trade still makes a lot of sense. He also cautions that it could be out of the Eagles control, which is obviously true.

The overall point here is that if McManus and Kempski say the Mariota to the Eagles isn't dead, it's not. They know something.

So will Mariota actually end up as an Eagle? Who the heck knows. The 2015 NFL Draft is only two days away and it can't come soon enough.

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