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Eagles, Sam Bradford reportedly trying to work on contract extension with no-trade clause

So are the Eagles trying to lock him up after all?

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ESPN's Chris Mortensen had some interesting things to say during an appearance on NFL Live on Monday afternoon. According the NFL Insider, the Philadelphia Eagles are trying to work on a contract extension with Sam Bradford. Here's the transcript:

"Very committed. I mean this is a guy that Chip Kelly traded Nick Foles to the Rams, a conditional second rounder next year, and a fourth round pick this year. They got a fifth round pick back from the Rams.

And they’re trying to work on a contract extension with Bradford. It’s a little bit tricky there. Bradford would like a no-trade clause for this year. So it tells you there’s skepticism right there. But he’s not going to sign an extension with any other team. In other words if there’s another team involved, and you’re trying to get Bradford to them so you can eventually get a guy like Marcus Mariota, Sam Bradford, who has one year left on his contract, will not an extension with any team but the Eagles.

And the Eagles want him. And their offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur, who was the offensive coordinator in St. Louis when Bradford was the Rookie of the Year. He’s rehabbing, he’s getting ready, he’ll up and ready to go certainly no later than August."

This report is interesting because it directly conflicts with a report from last week by Pro Football Talk that the Eagles and Bradford have NOT talked about an extension yet. It was late last week when Bleacher Report's Jason Cole followed up on PFT's report by saying that Bradford still believes he could be traded.

Meanwhile, there are still rumors that the Eagles could trade Bradford in attempt to land Marcus Mariota. With the 2015 NFL Draft only three days away, it won't be long until we see how things play out.

When it comes to Bradford's contract situation, talk is cheap. The Eagles aren't truly "committed" to Bradford (and vice versa) until pen is put to paper and a long-term contract is officially signed. To be determined if/when that day comes.

ESPN video below:

Mortensen also tweeted about this:

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