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2015 NFL Draft Order: Philadelphia Eagles Own Eight Draft Picks

Will they use them all?

Chris Trotman/Getty Images

With the 2015 NFL Draft just three days away, here's a reminder of where the Philadelphia Eagles stand heading into this year's big event. The team currently owns a total of eight draft picks. Here's how they stack up:

Eagles 2015 Draft Picks

Round 1 - No. 20

Round 2 - No. 52

Round 3 - No. 84

Round 4 - No. 113 (From San Francisco 49ers through the Buffalo Bills)

Round 5 - No. 145 (From St. Louis Rams)

Round 5 - No. 156

Round 6 - No. 196

Round 7 - No. 237

The Eagles have their own pick in every round except the fourth. Philadelphia sent that pick (No. 119 overall) along with a 2016 second round pick and Nick Foles in exchange for Sam Bradford and an extra fifth round pick (No. 145) from St. Louis.

The Eagles also own the San Francisco 49ers' fourth round selection due to the Bryce Brown trade, which took place during the 2014 NFL Draft. Buffalo sent the fourth round pick they received in exchange for sending Stevie Johnson to San Francisco to Philadelphia in exchange for Brown.

Philadelphia vice president of player personnel Ed Marynowitz had the following to say about the Eagles' picks last week: "Philosophically, we have eight picks and we would like to pick eight players or more - not less."

It's possible the Eagles do indeed keep their picks because they still have a lot of needs. Then again, a trade up for Marcus Mariota can't be ruled out due to all the rumors about how badly Chip Kelly wants him. Also consider the Eagles missed out on their top six players last year before they were on the clock at No. 22. Kelly could be more aggressive this time around, especially with a little extra ammo to work with.

It's possible the Eagles add even more picks during the draft. Players like Evan Mathis, Mychal Kendricks, Sam Bradford, and Brandon Boykin are just a few names rumored to be available via trade.

How the Eagles' 2015 draft plays out remains to be seen, but it should be a pretty exciting weekend.

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