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BGN Mock Draft: Best and Worst of Picks 21-30

A review of the next set of 10 picks in the 2015 BGN community mock draft.

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The picks from 21-30 in the 2015 BGN Community Mock Draft have all been posted. Let's take a look at some of the best and worst picks so far as determined by the approval polls.

Best pick: Cameron Erving to the Colts (81%)

Worst pick: Shaq Thompson to the Panthers (49%)

An entire recap of the 21-30 picks below. Click here to see the grades from picks 1-10 and here to see the grades from 11-20.

21) Cincinnati Bengals - T.J. Clemmings, OT, PITT - [Pick]

GM: Zach_The_Camecock
Approval: 56%

The need is definitely there with Andrew Whitworth aging and Andre Smith being in the last year of his contract. The Eagles might take him at No. 20 if he's not gone before that so the Bengals are arguably fortunate here.

22) Pittsburgh Steelers - Arik Armstead, DE, Oregon - [Pick]

GM: KJ Brophy
Approval: 52%

Duck Bias! Not so much on the Steelers' part as the fact that Mr. Brophy is an Oregon fan. Armstead is intriguing due to his massive size.

23) Detroit Lions - Melvin Gordon, RB, Wisconsin - [Pick]

GM: KamiKazeJEDI
Approval: 67%

Surprise: the first running back off the board isn't Todd Gurley. For what it's worth, Mike Mayock likes Gordon over Gurley regardless of the injury.

24) Arizona Cardinals - Eric Kendricks, LB, UCLA - [Pick]

GM: ItownBallers22
Approval: 73%

With Darryl Washington's status unclear, adding Kendricks would seem to be a good bet.

25) Carolina Panthers - Shaq Thompson, LB, Washington - [Pick]

GM: AndyMcNabb
Approval: 49%

If there's anyone who can figure out a role for Thompson, it's ... Sean McDermott? It'll be interesting to see where Thompson falls. PFT reports that the Panthers are indeed showing a good deal of interest in him.

26) Baltimore Ravens - Byron Jones, CB, Connecticut - [Pick]

GM: dceagles
Approval: 61%

Some Eagles fans would be crushed by this.

27) Dallas Cowboys - Kevin Johnson, CB, Wake Forest - [Pick]

GM: kamjam
Approval: 54%

If Mark Sanchez can carve up your secondary, you know it needs some work.

28) Denver Broncos - Jake Fisher, OT, Oregon - [Pick]

GM: WubbaLubbaDubDub
Approval: 77%

Can't believe Chip Kelly is showing his Duck Bias yet again with this pick.

29) Indianapolis Colts - Cameron Erving, C, Florida State - [Pick]

GM: ei78
Approval: 81%

This one feels simple. The Colts need a center, so here's Erving.

30) Green Bay Packers - Benardrick McKinney, LB, Mississippi State - [Pick]

GM: Nka727
Approval: 63%

SOMEONE (oops) messed up this post originally but it's fixed now. The Packers were so thin on the inside last year they had to move Clay Matthews there at times.

Up next: Final two picks coming on Monday!

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