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2015 NFL Mock Draft Kiper vs. McShay: Eagles take a cornerback, guard, and wide receiver

Check out our (2015 Eagles mock draft central) for more opinions on who could be the #20 pick in April.

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As noted last night, ESPN held a live TV mock draft (welcome to 2015) featuring draft analysts Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay. Kiper had the Eagles taking a cornerback at No. 20. The on-air portion only featured the first round, but ESPN In$ider posted a Round 2 and Round 3 on their site. Here's a look at how the Eagles' picks turned out.

"20. Philadelphia Eagles - Kiper's pick: Marcus Peters, CB, Washington

I think the coachability concerns are more muted at this point and I want to give Chip Kelly a cornerback he really needs and believe he'll make it work. Peters can be a turnover-maker in the secondary. This is a clear need area as well."

We already talked about why Peters probably isn't a culture fit. Former Eagles scout Louis Riddick also noted that Peters can be contact averse at times.

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"52. Philadelphia Eagles - Kiper's pick: Tre Jackson, G, Florida State

Jackson hits a need here, for a team that isn't really stacked with needs. I also considered Tyler Lockett, as the WR depth isn't great here."

Jackson doesn't seem to be the athlete the Eagles prefer on the inside. There are reportedly concerns with his weight and conditioning. Maybe Philadelphia could fix that, but Chip Kelly could prefer a player who doesn't have those issues.

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"84. Philadelphia Eagles - Kiper's pick: Tre McBride, WR, William & Mary

The Eagles need another wide receiver, and McBride offers plenty of upside. This is a fantastic athlete many fans haven't seen."

McBride is an interesting prospect. The 6-0, 210 senior finished with 2,653 yards and 19 touchdowns on 196 receptions for an average of 13.5 yards per reception. He also rushed for 212 yards on 28 attempts for a 7.6 average. He even returned kicks and punts as well.

Here's a scouting report on him from

"Strengths - Good NFL size and physically dominated opponents when the ball was in the air. Makes circus catches look easy and appears fearless in the air. Elite high-point ability with outstanding body control, ball tracking and concentration. Plucks the ball out of the air. Excellent catch radius that saved his quarterback one or two incompletions per game. Will catch in traffic with ability to tuck-in, absorb blow and hang onto ball. Adjusts well to low throws. Competitive runner after the catch. Improved route runner from 2013 to 2014. Adjusts to find open space in zone and has feel for defender. Kick-return ability.

Weaknesses - Rumored to have blazing speed, but doesn't show up on tape. Rarely runs away from defense on vertical routes or after catch. Average acceleration off of release. Rounds off routes and won't get much acceleration out of breaks. Needs to improve selling routes. Balance at top of his routes is inconsistent because he will ride too high into cuts. Scouts say inability to separate is biggest concern for him.

Bottom Line - Teams will have to answer questions about his level of ability to get open because he has the art of catching the ball down pat. Vertical speed and separation quickness appear to be average considering his competition level, so teams must figure out whether to keep him outside or utilize his size and toughness over the middle in the slot."

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